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Las Vegas McCarran Airport mapPLEASE NOTE! When arriving in the D gates, please follow to the baggage claim for your airline, as D gates share 2 separate terminals 1 and 3, and your chauffer will greet you at the terminal that corresponds to your flight. Please make sure you go to the Terminal of your Baggage Claim even if you do not have checked baggage as your chauffeur will be located there. Should you go to the incorrect terminal – please call our dispatch office at (702)487-3187 immediately.  If you have exited the SECURITY AREA, the only way to travel between terminals is ground transportation. Your chauffeur may be able to come and assist you. You can easily identify terminal 1 baggage claim and terminal 3 baggage claim areas by looking at the floor. Terminal 1 has carpet, Terminal 3 does not.

Terminal 1 



Your chauffeur will greet you in the baggage claim area at the base of the escalators.

Terminal 3   

International Airlines


Your chauffeur or group representative will greet you after you claim your baggage and exit the Secure Customs area.

Domestic Airlines


D-Gate Passengers (on UNITED or HAWAIIAN Airlines)The chauffeur will be positioned outside of the Glass Security Doors AFTER you get off of the tram as you enter the baggage claim area near carousel 26
E-Gate Passengers – The chauffeur will greet you at your assigned baggage carousel with your name/group sign.

Air Canada, Frontier, Hawaiian, Sun Country and United use Terminal 3 for Ticketing/Check-In and Baggage Claim but will operate from the D Gates concourse which is easily accessible via an Automated Transit System located on Zero Level of Terminal 3.

Check out the airline listing to learn which concourse (A, B, C, or D) your airline uses.






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